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The Owner / Manager,

Mooketsi MTB Challenge is hosting every year the Mooketsi Mountainbike Challenge to raise funds to build an reacreation centre for the community in Mooketsi. Funds will be raised to do restoration of the actual building for buying and maintainance of all equipment and the swimming pool.

This year the MTB is held on 25 October 2014 and the 15km race will be added this year. 

This is a qualified opportunity for full and half marathon race.

Like in the past, the success rate depends on  our sponsors who help us to gain income. 

We like to ask you as company to act as sponsors and to join our event at the 4th Mooketsi MTB challenge.

Any prices and donations like Westfalia olies, Miami, Supa Quick tools, Women presents, Gym bags, Peppadew presents and many more.

Thanks !

Mooketsi MTB Team

Please use the contact form below to contact Mooketsi Mountain bike Challenge. This is another option to Contact us at Mooketsi MTB. Please fill out the form below and send us your email. Make sure you fill in the correct information! We will respond on your email in 72 hours, if no response please contact us by using the contact information above. Please don't dare to spam us with your emails, otherwise you will be blocked. To use this form your browser flash plugin has to be installed on your pc to open this form in your browser. Please visit www.adobe.com to download the flashplayer.

Thank you

Mooketsi Mountainbike Team

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